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Sunday 3rd March, 7:00pm - 10:30pm

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Group Listening

Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol.1

PRAH Recordings is excited to present Group Listening, a new project by Stephen Black and Paul

Jones. Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol.1 is a collection of ambient works – from the likes of Brian

Eno, Arthur Russell, Euros Childs and Robert Wyatt – arranged for clarinet and piano.

Having met at Music College, Stephen and Paul went separate ways creatively. Stephen delved into

pop, recording albums and touring extensively under the guise of Sweet Baboo, while working with

Cate Le Bon, H. Hawkline and others. Paul leaned into the piano, pursuing a career as a jazz pianist

and experimental musician. He played with Keith Tippett, formed the Jones O’Connor group,

performed with noise improv bands and composed orchestral and chamber music.

Reconnecting years later, the pair discovered that their music tastes, bizarrely, met in the middle;

they have a shared love of The Beach Boys, Ghost Box Records, Messiaen and Angela Morley. They

both like ambient and new age music, bubblegum pop, Artie Shaw, Moondog and the outsider music

handbook Songs in the Key of Z.

Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol.1 is the spontaneous, beguiling culmination of this friendship.

Cutting out post-production and keeping overdubs to a bare minimum, the pair passed their clarinet

and piano through guitar stomp boxes and other analogue effects to enable processing and

manipulation directly in performance. The result hums with the ghostly energy of sound pioneers Joe

Meek and Martin Hannett, while mbira and drum machines are sparingly deployed amid enveloping

folds of space echo.

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