THE BURNING HELL + Dressed Like Wolves (at mima)

Dressed Like Wolves

Monday 23rd May, 8:00pm - 11:30pm

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(The Waiting Room presents live music at mima)

The Waiting Room presents The Burning Hell at mima.

THE BURNING HELL are about as awesome as it gets… with ROCK to make you scream along, TEAR JERKING FOLK BALLADS to put you in touch with your forgotten vulnerabilities, and LYRICAL MIND TWISTING RAP to make you slack jawed with awe! And a crowd that can’t help but be bang up for this. Mathias Kom and TheBurning Hell serve up incredible kick ass moments full of complex ideas and simple truths.

And to crank up the awesom-o-meter way past tolerance for tightly coiled springs, we’ve got our other favourite band DRESSED LIKE WOLVES on the same bill. Intensity of intent and sublime songs from Boro’s finest. Feelthe whispered tension, the seeping restraint…the quiet explosions and then FEEL THE NOISE!

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