Sarah Louise

Brigid Mae Power

Sunday 10th November, 6:30pm - 10:30pm

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“At times flush with the meditative air of Alice Coltrane, elsewhere like some whispered about 80s new age obscurity, this album both requires and justifies extensive attention” – Wire

“There’s a spiritual quality to these stream-of-conscious compositions, which sound open-ended as though she’s posing questions to the woods around her” – Uncut

“Like Robbie Basho reimagined by Alvin Lucier” – MOJO

“[Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars is] a meditative foray into swirling loops and pure drone. The physical trappings of her primary instrument largely melt away.” – Pitchfork

“Henson makes it easy to inhabit her intimate world, one where the small wonders of the woods and the abounding melodic possibilities of a 12-string guitar are complementary fractals.” – NPR First Listen

“On Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars… devotionals to the wilderness also feel like representations of it—psychedelic sound paintings of meadows and creek beds, with Henson’s guitar playing the role of all the creatures and constructing the environments they inhabit. Her use of digital technology brought her closer to this realm, not further away from it.” – SPIN

“Cosmic in every sense of the word.” – PopMatters

“another project that seeks to and succeeds in challenging and pushing the concept of solo guitar music into a new realm” – Folk Radio UK

“experimental-minded magical tapestries of blissful folk brilliance” – Secret Thirteen

“Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars uses contemporary human tools and voices that refuse to be confined to words to enact sonic ceremonies that celebrate the natural world.” – Dusted

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