A Very Special Christmas with Old Muggins

Festive fun and surprises with Teesside's top light entertainment beat combo!

Sunday 23rd December, 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Start polishing your baubles now!

It’s true… Teesside’s least-accomplished light entertainment beat combo are back for their traditional (well, fourth) Christmas set at the Waiting Room. And what a set it promises to be! Believe us, if you’re keen to see a man in a monk’s outfit pretending to be Balthazar (actually, it might be Melchoir… we’re never sure. It’s definitely not Caspar, though) while singing a song about the biggest snowball in the world, as rolled in 1982 by his over-enthusiastic schoolmate Simon Perkins, then this is the Christmas entertainment of your dreams.

Wonky vintage synths, doo-wop, the occasional bit of stop-starty rockabilly… yes, all the things you’d associate with a traditional Teesside Christmas. So long as you’re a member of Old Muggins, obviously. If not, then you probably wouldn’t associate any of these things with a traditional Teesside Christmas.  But you can, at least, expect renditions of their heartfelt paean to festive over-indulgence, You Ate An After Eight Mint (At Seven Forty); you can sing along to their touching yuletide country and western standard The First Texan Christmas;  and there might even be a rare live guest appearance from long-lost 1960s underground legends The Pelmet Undercoat, performing their utterly unsought-after garage-rock smash (It’s Gonna Be) A Real Good Christmas.

Fronted by bearded BBC Tees pillock Bob Fischer, accompanied by happy-go-lucky festive elves Miniature G and Mr Brogden, Old Muggins cite a range of impressive musical influences, falling somewhere between Lieutenant Pigeon and the songs that Peter Glaze used to sing whilst being hit over the head with a teatray on Crackerjack. And, as ever, law and order will be maintained by their popular fourth member, the friendly neighbourhood bobby that is Old Bill (pictured).

Get ready for surprise guests, party games and special yuletide treats, and also make sure that a small part of you is prepared for disappointment if none of these things actually materialise on the night. But Christmas still seems a long way off, so fingers crossed. Anyone know where we can find a pantomime horse at reasonable rates?

(NB If the worst comes to the worst, a pantomime cow will suffice)

And this is a free gig, so come along and be entertained for nothing! Well, we say ‘entertained’…


The Waiting Room
9 Station Road, Eaglescliffe,
Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0BU
01642 780465