Luckless + Hold Music

Ethereal indie-folk combined with driving alt-rock, all the way from New Zealand... think PJ Harvey meets Sparklehorse

Sunday 20th November, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

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Somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie-folk and the thunderous drive of alt-rock lie Luckless… the ever-evolving musical project spearheaded by Ivy Rossiter, a livewire guitar-slinging frontwoman with a reputation for both enchantment and explosiveness in her native New Zealand.

So think PJ Harvey and Sparklehorse; or The Kills and Warpaint… but, before you’re too quick to draw comparisons, also check out the new Luckless album Vindication Blues to find a unique sound; as elusive as smoke, yet as enveloping as smog. Amidst a bank of guitar loops and effects, Ivy brings her one-woman Luckless to the Waiting Room, and promises an atmospheric and ethereal show. She packed the place out in Summer 2015, so we’re looking forward to seeing her again!

‘Mining a reflective and sombre vein similar to that walked by the likes of Anna Calvi, Beth Gibbons (of Portishead) or even Rebekah Del Rio, the songs captured by Luckless alternate between weightless and deeply submerged’ – Rip It Up

‘An artist who hasn’t so much grown as exploded… she deserves a global platform’ – Elsewhere

Sterling support comes from Teesside’s own Hold Music. Comprising former Dressed Like Wolves compatriots Matthew Brown and Daniel Allen, together with new recruit Liam Sanders, they boast a fluid, almost jazz-like sound, where buzzing, post-rock guitars tumble around loose, brushed beats; providing the ideal soundscape for their whispered lullabies about early space exploration and Amelia Earheart.

‘Choc-full of impressive power play… heart wrenching lyrics, pounding rhythms, colourful guitar licks, furious chords, and hypnotic bass lines’ – NE Volume

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