Andrew Abbott

Sunday 14th April, 7:00pm - 10:30pm

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David Thomas Broughton is one of our favourite turns of all eternity… every show is unique – with many improvised gillies and passes along the way, But nevertheless with a beautiful songbook at his heart, and a deeply moving operatic folk vocals.

The most brilliant and baffling show I’m likely to see this year.” – Timeout NY
Straddling the line between music hall turn and avant-garde performance artist, Broughton’s live show is not to be missed.” – MOJO magazine

Andrew DR Abbott
‘Postindustrial Northern Primitive’ fingerpicked baritone acoustic guitar from Bradford. Recent release ‘Live on Daisy Hill’ put out by Bloxham Tapes combines a series of instrumental compositions backed with field recordings of canals, reservoirs, bell towers and woods of former mill towns in the North of England.
“A minor 21st century folk masterpiece … Abbott ignores the comfort of pure folk structures and bluesy scales, twisting his lush folk guitar into something brimming with potent pangs of a serrated kind of poetic discontent.” (The Quietus)

David Thomas Broughton (/ˈbrɔːtən/) is an English folk/avant-garde singer and guitarist, currently based in SeoulRepublic of Korea and previously in PyongyangNorth Korea. Born in OtleyWest Yorkshire, he creates the sound of a large ensemble by sampling himself singing, playing acoustic guitar, and making an assortment of other sounds through a Boss loop pedal. He also uses various non-traditional musical instruments to augment his songs, including radios, personal attack alarms and televisions, and occasionally incorporates a use of natural field recordings into his music. He is also known for his love of spontaneity and musical improvisation, recording albums in one take (allowing recording faults to remain) and beginning live performances with no clear plan in mind. He includes self-consciousironic dance moves and off-mic (often off-stage) singing in his live performances

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